Turkish Police probes Gulenist schools ‘spied’ on families of students

Turkish Police Department’s report claims teachers at Gulen Movement schools were used to gather information about families of attending students

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Turkish Police Department found out in an investigation that teachers working at the Gulen Movement schools were used to collect information about families of attending students as teachers served the movement as “spies.”

Turkish media reported that the investigation on the Gulen Movement schools had accelerated following a nationwide order of Turkish national police authority to the activities of the schools in August 2014.

Fethullah Gulen, a US based preacher of Turkish origin, is accused of establishing and leading a “parallel state” composed of a network of followers who have infiltrated the judiciary, police force, and other state agencies and have attempted to take over these institutions.

Gulen’s followers are referred to as the Gulenists in Turkey.

The Police Department’s extensive report states the Gulenist schools were used not only for maintaining financial and human sources but also collecting any information that would be useful to favor the movement.

“Teachers working in the schools made observations when they had visited family houses of attending students using dinners and Ramadan iftars (breaking a fast during Muslim holy month of Ramadan) as excuses,” it said.

The report indicates teachers researched on social-cultural features of students’ families.

“The teachers prepared reports on children of the researched families to determine whether they could be adapted to the organization, or asked for favors,” the Department report added.

In a separate investigation, the Izmir Police Department also carried out an operation which targeted certain police officials that worked for the Izmir police department in connection to a cover of a crime involving a teacher working for the Gulen Movement schools.

In 2012, exploited pictures of young female students were found in the teacher’s USB drive, but the police who were detained in the recent operation had covered up the incident at the time, according to the TRT news.

Top issue discussed on the agenda of the most recent National Security Council (MGK) meeting which is held bi-monthly for state affairs, was the Gulen Movement which was listed as national threat.

The MGK declaration announced, “Detailed briefing was presented about a campaign against the parallel state structure and illegal organizations threatening national security, and it was emphasized that the campaign should decisively be continued.”

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