Turkish police seize 38 planning to join DAESH with families

Security forces seize 38 suspects aiming to join DAESH in Turkey’s southern province of Adana

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkish security forces seized 38 suspects who were allegedly aiming to cross into Syria to join terrorist organization DAESH in southern province of Adana on November 8, 2015

Turkish security forces on Sunday seized 38 suspects who were allegedly aiming to cross into Syria to join terrorist organisation DAESH in southern province of Adana.

All foreign national suspects, including 10 women and 15 children, were reportedly from different countries such as Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan.

Moreover, two Turkish citizens were detained over accusations of helping the families when coming to Adana and providing accommodation to them.

Following the legal processes in the police department, the suspects went through medical examinations to be later deported while two Turkish suspects were sent to court.

Eleven suspects detained in Antalya to face trial

A total number of 11 suspects among 20 who were detained in anti-terror operations against DAESH in country’s southern province of Antalya were sent to court for trial.

Antalya anti-terror branch of police department detained 20 suspected DAESH terrorists on Friday, including two Russian nationals in an operation against the terrorist group.

The suspects were detained over charges of links with DAESH members in Syria and Iraq, and of planning to recruit more members for the outlawed group.

The operation took place in Antalya where the G-20 summit is going to be held this week with participation of international top leaders including the US President Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, a confidentiality order was given by the court regarding the investigation.

Turkish security forces have been carrying out scores of operations against the DAESH terrorist organisation in several provinces of Turkey since late October, following the deadliest attack in the modern history of the country that took place in the capital city of Ankara on Oct. 10.

Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office of Ankara issued an extensive statement on Oct. 28 concerning the Ankara bombings, indicating that the attacks were plotted by the DAESH terrorist organisation and that the suicide bombers received the order to carry out the attack from DAESH members in Syria.

The bombing targeted a march organised by leftist labor unions and political parties, killing 102 people and injuring more than 500, according to the Turkish authorities.


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