Turkish policeman, civilian killed in PKK terror attack

Turkish media reports outlawed PKK detonates IED on highway near southeastern province of Batman killing one police officer, one civilian also wounding three officers along with four civilians

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkish security officers and citizens respond to the scene after outlawed PKK detonates an IED on a major highway near southeastern province of Batman

Turkish media has reported that the outlawed PKK on Tuesday detonated an improvised explosive device (IED) on the highway joining the southeastern province of Batman with its district of Kozluk, killing one police officer and one civilian. The attack has also wounded three police officers along with four civilians.

An armoured police vehicle was targeted by the PKK terrorists when it reached the Samanyolu village, on the road between Batman and Kozluk, according to Turkish Anadolu Agency. The terror attack has killed Hamidullah Aydin who was driving a pickup truck and injured civilians who were traveling in a minibus.

Media accounts stated that the wounded were brought to the hospitals located in the Batman province for immediate treatment following the attack and Turkish security forces have launched an extensive operation to capture the militants in the region where the outlawed PKK detonated the IED.

IED is a homemade bomb or a destructive device, widely used by the PKK terrorists in terror attacks throughout eastern and southeastern Turkey.

The highway, which is one of the main roads in the southeastern and eastern regions of Turkey has been closed to traffic following the incident, the media also reported.

Turkey has recently been targeted with increasing terror attacks by ISIS and PKK terrorist groups in its southeastern and eastern regions, since a suicide bombing, widely thought to have been carried out by ISIS, in the Suruc district of the Sanliurfa province claimed 34 lives on July 20.

The outlawed PKK has particularly increased its attacks on both police and the Turkish Armed Forces following the Suruc suicide bombing. More than 120 Turkish security officials have been killed in terror attacks by the PKK and ISIS since the bombing.  

Both PKK and ISIS are recognised as terrorist organisations by Turkey, the US, EU, and NATO.

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