Turkish President Erdogan proposes date for snap election

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan proposes date for early election on Nov. 1

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan talks to the reporters after Friday prayer in Ankara

After failed coalition talks, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced to the public that he wants the snap election to be held on November 1.

"I will meet my parliament speaker again and after this talk, we will bring our country to an early election. Hopefully, it will be held on November 1st," Erdogan told reporters, two days before the 45-day deadline to form a new government.

Following the June 7 general election, that resulted in a no single-party majority, President Erdogan gave his mandate to Prime Minister (PM) Ahmet Davutoglu, who is also the chairman of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), to form a new government on July 9, with a 45-day deadline, which is to end on August 23.

Being given the mandate, PM Davutoglu conducted meetings with the three opposition parties - Republican People’s Party (CHP), Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), and Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP).

However, Davutoglu was not able to form a coalition government with the parties despite his efforts.

"One thing important here is that whoever I assign [...] will form the caretaker government from within or outside the parliament. With this cabinet, we will go to the election. Here is the process," Erdogan continued.

According to the 116th article of the Constitution of Turkey, if the coalition initiatives fail after 45 days the president must call for an snap election and appoint a prime minister within five days to form an interim government comprising of representatives from all four parties, according to their number of deputies. In this case, all four parties will share ministries.

Erdogan was asked about giving CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu the mandate before the 45-day deadline, he responded "why would I invite him [Kilicdaroglu] to Bestepe [Presidential Palace], [he] who said 'I do not recognize Bestepe. Bestepe is illegal. I will not go to Bestepe' and who does not know the address of Bestepe."

"All the facts are obvious. Is it necessary to lose time ? No," Erdogan added.


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