Turkish president says US needs to decide who its ally is

Turkish President Erdogan criticises US over Obama's special presidential envoy visiting PYD in northern Syrian province of Kobane

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke with Turkish journalists while returning from his Latin America trip.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan over the weekend criticised the United States regarding its stance towards the PYD, saying the country needs to decide who its regional ally is, "Turkey or terrorists in Kobane, Syria."

The statement came after photos emerged of US President Barack Obama's Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter DAESH Brett McGurk while meeting with former PKK terrorist and current PYD spokesman Polat Can.

Regarding McGurk’s visit, Erdogan said, "How will we ever be able to trust you. Am I your regional partner or are the terrorists in Kobane?

The PYD is considered by Turkey to be the Syrian extension of PKK which is recognised as a terrorist organisation by Turkey, the EU and the US.

Talking to Turkish journalists while returning from his trip to Latin America, Erdogan also said, "Both the PYD and YPG are terrorist organisations. The PYD is the same thing as the PKK. We will bring this issue to all international organisations."

Erdogan says Western countries supplying arms to the PYD

President Erdogan touched upon the PYD issue while speaking at the World Tourism Forum in Istanbul on Saturday night.

Erdogan criticised western countries for supplying the armed wing of the PKK’s Syrian affiliate with weapons.

The Turkish President said that certain terrorist groups’ actions in Iraq and in Syria, such as those of the PYD, were being ignored.

"The PYD, controlled by the Qandil Mountain [where the PKK has established its headquarters since it retreated from Turkey] is supported and defended [by western powers that] ignore the YPG's ethnic cleansing activities in the region, terrorist actions, [and] cooperation with the current regime," he added.

In an October report, Amnesty International stated that the YPG had committed several war crimes while fighting DAESH militants.

The rights watchdog went on to assert that thousands of local residents had recently been forced to leave their homes and entire villages had been razed to the ground by YPG terrorists.

"Their goal is not to lead our Kurdish brothers. On the contrary, they are trouble for our Kurdish brothers," Erdogan said.

He said that organisations such as the PKK, PYD, and the YPG as well as DAESH will not gain success with their attacks.

"We continue to struggle hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder with the Turkish Army, Turkish police and our village guards, and will continue to do so," Erdogan added.

The PKK resumed its 30-year armed campaign against the Turkish state in late July 2015.

Since then, more than 300 members of the Turkish security forces have died and thousands of PKK terrorists have been killed in operations across Turkey and northern Iraq.

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