Turkish Renault workers end strike after 12 days

Oyak-Renault announces end of 12-day strike over wages

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Oyak-Renault announced on May 27 that a 12-day strike over wages, which had halted operations at its factory in Turkey’s northwestern province of Bursa, has ended following an agreement with the strikers.

Operations at the factory began to resume as of the morning of May 27.

The company, Oyak-Renault, agreed to pay workers a lump sum of 1,000 Turkish liras (370 dollars) within one week and grant workers a performance-based annual cash bonus.

It also stated that the workers will not face any legal or disciplinary action because of the strike.

The workers had been striking since May 15 for improved wages and the withdrawal of the Turkish Metal Labor Union, which they accused of failing to represent their interests, from the plant.

The strikes began in the Oyak-Renault factory and spread to the Tofas-Fiat and Ford-Otosan factories as well as suppliers such as Coskunoz and Mako.

Almost 20,000 labourers joined the strikes demanding a raise in their salaries - in line with a recent collective agreement with Bosch - and the abolishment of the Turkish Metal Employers' Federation (MESS).

A collective labor deal signed with Bosch resulted in a pay rise for 191 Bosch labourers

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