Turkish soldier killed by fire from ISIS held border town

Turkish soldier killed and two others wounded by shots fired from ISIS held border town in Syria near Turkish town of Kilis

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

A Turkish non-commissioned officer was killed and two sergeants were wounded by gunfire from Syria in Turkey’s southern border town of Kilis, Turkish officials reported.

The gunfire opened from a region controlled by ISIS into Turkey’s 5th Armored Brigade Command, located around the Dag and Cobanbey border posts in the Elbeyli district of Kilis.

Following the incident, Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) issued a statement saying that five ISIS militants attacked with heavy guns killing one non-commissioned officer and injuring two sergeants.

“Turkish army returned fire immediately within rules of engagement targeting three vehicles belong to the militants,” TAF reported on their official website.

“One ISIS militant who carried out the attack was killed by the Turkish soldiers. Also one rocket launcher and one AK-47 Kalashnikov rifle were seized.”

Kilis Governor Suleyman Tapsiz made a statement following the incident saying Turkish forces returned fire by targeting positions across the border.

"Unfortunately, one of our officers, Yalcin Nane, has been killed and two sergeants injured," Tapsiz said.

The wounded sergeants, Fatih Kurt and Necef Cakmaktepe, have been taken to Kilis State Hospital and are in stable condition, he added.

Turkish military recently started to take ‘necessary measures’ to tighten security along the Syrian border following a National Security Council meeting held on June 29.

TAF have been previously alarmed along the border and many military vehicles including tanks, air defence systems, armoured combat vehicles, and military personnel have been moved in the Mediterranean province of Kilis across the northern Syrian district of Azez by the 5th Armored Brigade Command.

The brigade watches over a 190-kilometres (118 mile) border line from Kilis to the southeastern province of Gaziantep along the Syrian frontier. The brigade has deployed its armoured corps around the Dag and Cobanbey border posts in the Elbeyli district of Kilis and also near the Oncupinar border crossing across Azez.


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