Turkish soldiers killed in PKK terror attack

Turkish soldiers reported dead and many more injured in PKK terror attack in Hakkari province of Turkey

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Sep 7, 2015

A number of Turkish soldiers have reportedly been killed in a terror attack carried out by PKK terrorists in Turkey's southeastern province of Hakkari.

In retaliation to the terror attack, Turkey's Chief of Staff has reported that Turkish two F-16 and two F-4 fighter jets have launched air strikes, hitting 13 PKK targets. Numerous members of the militant organization have also been neutralized.

The soldiers were reportedly killed when PKK terrorists detonated a roadside mine in the Yuksekova district of Hakkari, as two armoured vehicles were passing.

After the blast, a gun battle erupted, leaving some Turkish soldiers dead and injured, Hakkari Mayor, Yakup Canbolat, relayed the information to Turkish news agency IHA by telephone.

The attack took place on Sunday evening at 9pm local time (1800 GMT) in the Daglica area, as the soldiers were heading towards Hakkari’s Cukurca district.

Unconfirmed reports have put the number of soldiers killed at nine, including a colonel.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, met with top security officials in Ankara to discuss the situation in the area, which has seen three straight days of clashes.

Erdogan condemns media manipulation

Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, condemned the action of some media outlets on Sunday, which manipulated his words on social media, asserting and implying that he said “the attack in Daglica would not have happened if 400 deputies were given seats in the parliament.”

Erdogan, who spoke to Turkish news agency, A Haber, in a live interview said that “The first place where I used the statement of “400 deputies, was during an opening ceremony in Kirsehir. That day there was no Daglica [a region in Hakkari, Turkey] news, nor were there intense terror attacks. That day I was saying that such a parliamentary procedure is needed for a new constitution and a new development.”

Erdogan repeated his previous statement about “400 deputies” that he made in Kirsehir to clarify the issue “If a political party was able to reach the number of 400 seats required for a revised constitution to be constructed, situation would be different today. First of all, this is a very important step to take towards a new and better Turkey."  President Erdogan had made this statement before the Turkish general elections on June 7, 2015.

“They [media outlets] are quick to manipulate. The top of the parallel state is also using manipulation. All will come to surface in judiciary. No matter where they go, the judiciary will follow them”, he added, stating that he has initiated the required steps needed for the matter to be dealt in court.

The PKK has increased its terror attacks, and killed 80 security officers and over 20 civilians, since its umbrella organisation Group of Communities (KCK) announced on July 11 that a ceasefire with the Turkish government had ended.

PKK terror attacks also include kidnappings and damage to public and private property, mostly in Turkey's southeast.

The PKK is listed as a terrorist organisation by Turkey, the EU, the US and NATO.

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