Twitter ban lifted in Turkey over terror attack images

Turkish government lifts Twitter ban after social media networking service complies with Turkish demands and removes uncensored videos, photos of deadly bombing in southeastern Turkey

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The Turkish government has lifted a Twitter ban after the social media networking service has complied with Turkish demands, and removed uncensored videos, photos of deadly bombing in the Turkish southeastern district of Suruc. 

A Turkish court ordered on Wednesday a ban and restrictions on websites and social media platforms, including Twitter, publishing images of Monday’s deadly attack in Suruc.

According to the ruling, internet access to websites that circulated the uncensored images taken immediately after the attack claiming 32 lives are restricted.

The bombing targeted a youth group during a press conference on Monday. More than 100 were wounded in the attack.

The ruling also included footage showing the very moment of the explosion, which went viral on social media platforms.