Two police officers killed in PKK terror attacks

PKK terrorists kill two policemen and injure three in southeastern Diyarbakir province of Turkey

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Police vehicles patrol in Diyarbakir after PKK terrorists kills two policemen.

PKK terrorists attacked Turkish policemen, which were sustaining the operation to cover the trenches in the streets dug by the militants, with rocket launchers in Turkey’s southeastern Diyarbakir province early on Sunday, killing two police officers and injuring three.

One of the injured officers was reported to be still in a critical condition while the names of the killed policemen were announced as Mustafa Turanli and Muzaffer Can Ersoy.

A wide range air supported operation was launched in the region while the Diyarbakir Governorate ordered a curfew in the district until further notice. Within the scope of the operation, several people were taken into custody.

PKK is listed as a terrorist organisation by Turkey, NATO, the US and the UK.

The outlawed PKK also carried out several attacks in Sirnak on Saturday, targeting three seperate points including lodgings of military officers and policemen and an area control centre at the same time. Following the attacks, a long-term armed clash occurred between the militants and the security officers during which two soldiers were wounded.

In recent weeks, civilians have become the target in the increasing number of attacks carried out by the outlawed PKK.

PKK terror attacks injure pregnant woman

Turkish policemen launched an operation in Diyarbakir on Saturday upon the notice that the militants of PKK’s youth wing - (YDG-H) trenched in roads. Targeting the policemen, the militants opened fire from the streets and injured a pregnant woman who was subsequently taken to the state hospital in company of security officers.

PKK terrorists open fire on ambulance

PKK terrorists blocked a highway and intercepted the vehicles to check for identification in eastern province of Bingol on Saturday.The militants blocked off an ambulance which was carrying a patient and opened fire behind the vehicle. No casulties were reported after the incident.

Another terror attack by PKK took place in eastern province of Kars on Saturday when the militants blocked a road and set four vehicles, including a bus and three lorries, on fire. Turkish security forces launched wide range operations in the region while reinforcing the precautions.

An armed group of militants wearing masks stopped a  municipality bus and set the vehicle on fire using petrol in Izmir on Saturday.The policemen searching for the attackers started an investigation over the incident while the bus became unusable.

One militant dies preparing explosives

In southeastern province of Batman, one PKK terrorist was reported to die when the bomb, which he was preparing, accidentally exploded in his hand. Three other militants were also injured by the explosion.

The outlawed PKK has increased attacks and killed 80 security officers and over 20 civilians since its umbrella organisation Group of Communities (KCK) announced on July 11 that a ceasefire with the Turkish government had ended.

The terror attacks of PKK also include, but is not limited to kidnappings and damage to public and private property mostly in Turkey's southeast.



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