Two Turkish policemen killed by PKK terror attacks

Outlawed PKK kills police officer in Sirnak province as other police officer injured in Diyarbakir attack dies

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Police vehicles patrol a conflict zone in Sirnak province

Militants belonging to the outlawed PKK have used a remote device to detonate a police vehicle in the southeastern province of Sirnak, killing one policeman on Sunday, with another police officer who injured in a PKK terror attack in Diyarbakir on Sunday was announced dead on Monday. 

Following the armed attack in Sirnak four police officers were injured and taken to state hospital for treatment.

The PKK is recognised as a terrorist organisation by Turkey, the US, EU and UK.

In Sunday's attack in Diyarbakir one traffic policeman also died immediately after the attack. 

PKK terrorists have also targeted provincial gendarmerie commands in both the southeastern district of Van and in the eastern district of Kars.

While no injuries were reported in these incidents, security forces launched a wide ranging operation in the regions in search of militants.

A group of PKK terrorists, covering their faces, set up road blocks on a main street and attacked police vehicles using firebombs in the eastern Tunceli Province on Sunday. The group set fire to a Turkish flag displayed for national Victory Day while shouting PKK slogans.

More than 60 security officers and civilians have been killed since July 11 in PKK terror attacks, the date when its umbrella organization - the Group of Communities (KCK) - declared that it would end its ceasefire with the Turkish state and threatened the country with further attacks.

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