Victory Day reception opens with Quran recital

Turkey's 93rd Victory Day reception includes chants from Quran for first time

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

An image of the Turkish presidential palace in Turkey's capital, Ankara

The reception given in the presidential palace in Ankara on Sunday to celebrate Turkey's 93rd Victory Day anniversary was the first such event to be introduced with chanting of the Quran, which was dedicated to the all martyrs of Turkish people.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with 1,800 guests at the Victory Day reception, noting that such national days have a significant place in remebering the history of countries.

Erdogan said, "The Turkish Republic has the strength and determination necessary for to stand against all the obstacles that can come up, as it always has had until today. To overcome all these obstables, what we crucially need is the unity and solidarity of our nation.’’

He also added that ‘’each one of 78 million citizens living in this country has equal rights and each one of our 81 provinces is an indispensable part of Turkey.’’

Following this speech, Erdogan made telephone calls to army personnel in charge at home and abroad, celebrating their holidays.

Responding to questions from journalists regarding the upcoming general election, Erdogan stressed that there would be a high level of election security, saying, ‘’I believe our government, together with the armed forces and the Interior Ministry, will overcome the election process with minimum damage by taking all measures.’’

Erdogan also made comments regarding the interim government and ministerial cabinet that Davutoglu recently submitted to him. He said that he approved the new cabinet as Turkey has no time to lose.

Touching on the stances of the opposition parties, Erdogan thanked former Nationalist Movement Party (MHP)  deputy Tugrul Turkes for his participation in the interim government while casting doubt on the sincerity of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) concerning its calls for the outlawed PKK to disarm.

The PKK is listed as a terrorist group by Turkey, the US, NATO and the EU. 

Erdogan added that agents behind terror attacks will pay the price.

Erdogan also referred to Turkey’s ongoing fight against ISIS by saying that ‘’Turkey has been in struggle with ISIS for a long time and  we are entering into a new phase now that we are operating with the coalition forces of the US."

"The fight against ISIS, which seriously threatens the Turkey's borders, does not mean there will be any cessation of the campaign against the separatist PKK."

Regarding the surging terror attacks in souteastern districts of Turkey, Erdogan underlined the significance of private investment in the region. According to Erdogan, the region will embrace peace only when local citizens purge the separatists which have destroyed the whole nation.

Due to the recent rise in PKK attacks, the Prime Minister’s Office declared on Friday that festivals, concerts and entertainment events would be forbidden on Victory day

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