Voter turnout rises among Turkish citizens living abroad

Turnout for Turkey’s Nov. 1 election rises among citizens living in 54 foreign countries

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

A Turkish citizen seen voting in Turkey's general election on Nov.1 in China.

According to official reports, Turkish citizens living abroad went to the polls for the upcoming election on Nov.1 in much bigger numbers compared to the previous June 7 election.

The participation rate of Turkish citizens living abroad in the election reached 43.7 percent, with an increase of 233,000 more votes compared to the previous election.

Turkish citizens living abroad started on Oct. 8 with the opening of ballot boxes at a total number of 113 voting stations in 54 foreign countries.

Due to the high level of participation, Turkey's Supreme Election Board (YSK) extended the voting deadline by two hours, until 9:00 pm on Oct. 25 instead of 7:00 pm for each time zone.

The board also raised the number of cabins from 2 to 3 at voting centers.

However, Turkish citizens living abroad will continue to vote at customs gates in Turkey until Nov. 1.

The number of registered voters for this election increased by 32,000 people.

In Germany, which holds the largest number of Turkish citizens, 100,000 more people cast their votes, leading the participation rate in the country to rise by 19 percent.

In Holland and France a higher turnout was also observed among the citizens with over 30 thousand more votes than in Turkey's previous general election.

In Turkey voting for the 26th parliamentary election will take place on Nov.1 until 5:00 pm.

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