Voting ends for Turkish citizens living abroad

Turkey's 26th parliamentary election ends for citizens living abroad in 54 countries

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

A Turkish citizen casts her vote for Nov 1. election of Turkey at a voting centre in China.

Voting for Turkey’s 26th parliamentary election ends on Sunday for Turkish citizens living in 54 different foreign countries.

Ballot boxes at a total number of 113 voting stations in 54 foreign countries were opened on Oct.8 for the citizens.

Due to the high level of participation, the Supreme Election Board (YSK) of Turkey extended the time for voting by two hours, until 9:00 pm instead of 7:00 pm, with accordance to the time zone of the area.

The board also raised the number of cabins from 2 to 3 at voting centers in these countries.

The voting for 26th parliamentary election will take place in Turkey on Nov.1 until 5:00 pm.

After the previous election of Turkey on June 7, which resulted in the non-formation of any government or coalition government, the turnout by citizens living abroad for this current election seems quite high.

The ballot boxes abroad will be delivered to Turkey through diplomatic couriers by plane.

In the meantime, Turkey’s pre-election restrictions and free campaign rights were put into practice by the Supreme Election Board (YSK) on Oct. 22 for the election on Nov. 1.

According to YSK, free propaganda and certain restrictions will end the day before election on Nov. 1 at 6:00 pm local time, (1500GMT).

The political parties and independent candidates participating in the election will be eligible to make written or visual propaganda through media outlets, internet or advertisements until the deadline.

However, the parties and candidates will not be able to send emails, voice messages, visual or text messages to cell phones or land lines of citizens, however they will be able to send it to members of their parties.

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