Workers, union claim Turkey’s Koc Holding fired 222 employee

Automotive industry establishment of Turkey’s major Koc Holding allegedly dismisses 222 employees due to provocation attempts

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Two automotive establishments of Koc Holding allegedly fired this week 222 workers whom industrial unions argued as for participating in strikes and inducing provocation after refusing the alteration at the companies.

The founder of the MAKO and the TOFAS companies, Koc Holding hasn’t made a statement about the dismissals yet.

The MAKO automotive company in Turkey’s western province of Bursa was accused of dismissing 80 workers on Tuesday.

The MAKO workers alleged that 80 people were dismissed and the dismissals were because of their resignation from Turkish Metal Workers Trade Union (Turk Metal), the agencies reported. They then protested firings at Wednesday’s night in front of the company’s factory, the place that they were working.

Eighty-three employees of the TOFAS automotive company were also fired on Tuesday as they were allegedly breaking the peace and provoked the other workers to start the strikes again.

However, the Turkey’s Metal Workers’ Unity (MIB) claimed the number of fired workers is 142, despite the company announced the number as 83.

The strikes were organised by the MIB and began on May 14 in many auto factories with the participation of thousands of workers who are outraged by their salaries and the failures of the Turk Metal.

Koc Holding, top industrial conglomerate in Turkey, operates in energy, consumer durables and finance in addition to automotives. The company employs around 90,000 people and has five companies listed among the top 10 biggest companies in Turkey.

The MIB made a strike call for Friday if the companies will not keep their promises during the strikes and undo the dismissals.

Almost 20,000 labourers demand a raise in their salaries in line with a recent collective agreement with the Bosch company and the strikes ended after the negotiations between workers and companies which promised workers price increase.

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