Sheeran's Twitter account appeared to have been deactivated on Monday after being trolled for his cameo on TV show, Game of Thrones.

Ed Sheeran, left, and Maisie Williams in a scene from Game of Thrones, the hit HBO fantasy drama.
Ed Sheeran, left, and Maisie Williams in a scene from Game of Thrones, the hit HBO fantasy drama. (TRT World and Agencies)

Ed Sheeran's Twitter page reappeared on Tuesday with a spring clean of old tweets after a brief disappearance prompting speculation that the singer had quit the social media platform after mixed reaction to his cameo on TV show Game of Thrones.

Sheeran's Twitter account, which boasts 14 million followers, appeared to have been deactivated on Monday, disappointing many.

However, on Tuesday, it was live again, but many of Sheeran's 30,000 tweets, including recent posts and comments from fans, had been deleted.

A representative for the British singer did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Playing a singing soldier in a single scene, Sheeran's unnamed character encountered Arya Stark, one of the central characters, played by Maisie Williams.

His appearance started a torrent of memes and excited comments from fans on Twitter.

But not everyone was pleased to see him.

Variety magazine called the cameo "ridiculous" while one fan on Twitter quipped: "If Arya kills Ed Sheeran it'll be worth it."

Director of the show, Jeremy Podeswa was all praise for Sheeran.

Many criticised his cameo as distracting in a show that does not usually use celebrities.

The 26-year-old singer, whose latest album, Divide, topped charts in the United States and Britain earlier this year, has been vocal about his dislike of Twitter.

He told Britain's Sun newspaper earlier this month that it was "nothing but people saying mean things" and that he had stopped using the platform regularly.

Many came out in full support of Sheeran suggesting him ways to deal with trolls.

Source: TRTWorld and agencies