Paintings of Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz will be displayed at Paris art exhibition between April 26 and May 7

(TRT World and Agencies)

Paintings by Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz will be showcased at an exhibition in Paris between April 26 and May 7, the exhibition's organiser the International Culture and Arts Association announced in a statement on Wednesday.

Sultan Abdulaziz (1830-1876) was known for his passion for music, literature and arts. He was the first Ottoman sultan to officially visit western Europe in the 19th century.

Titled "From Sketches to Paintings Sultan Abdulaziz Art Exhibition," the exhibition was before held in Istanbul in 2013 and in Vienna in March this year.

The last leg of the exhibition will open in London on May 18, the organiser said.

The 32nd Ottoman sultan's exhibition consists of sketches that were given to Polish Stanislaw Chlebowski, a master artist at the palace during the period.

Oil paintings based on those sketches will also be displayed at the event, the organiser said.

Turkey's Ambassador to Paris Hakki Akil will also attend the opening of exhibition supported by Turkey's Prime Ministry Promotion Fund and Yunus Emre Foundation, the statement added.

Source: TRT World