Here are some of the pitfalls to avoid when growing your startup.

It's always nice to think your company is doing well, but are you lying to yourself?
It's always nice to think your company is doing well, but are you lying to yourself?

This question originally appeared on Quora: What are some lies startup founders tell themselves? Answer by Josh Fechter, Growth Evangelist @AutopilotHQ | Advisor @Praxis | Mentor

1. I have thousands of users, so my company is fine.

…except users who only login to your product once don't count.

2. I have funding, so my company will be successful.

…said every failed founder before they lost all their investor's money and destroyed their most valuable relationships.

3. My company got featured in TechCrunch, so we're one of the hottest startups.

…except getting featured in a publication is not a scalable marketing channel.

4. I hire fast because we're growing fast.

…except companies that hire fast tend to flatline fast.

5. I got this great office in a coworking space to focus on building my company.

…except a $2000/month office doesn't increase your revenue numbers, especially when you haven't even launched yet.

6. I have a feeling this feature will be a game changer.

…said every failed founder who relied on hunches when implementing features.

7. I'll find a CTO by attending machine learning and virtual reality Meetups.

…said every CEO who never found a CTO.

8. I need people to sign an NDA before I tell them my idea.

…said every failed founder who thought an NDA would help them with execution.

9. I built a team of rockstars, including people from Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

…except your startup doesn't need people who have no experience in startups.

10. I just need a way to figure out a way to market our product to these people.

…except you never asked if they wanted your product.

11. I need to hire a new marketer.

…except you really just need a better product.

12. I need VC money to take our company to the next level of success.

…except borrowed money means you're less successful.

13. If I raise another round, it will give us time to figure out a pivot.

…except you should give up and not continue wasting other people's money.

14. I'll find inspiration for our pivot at Burning Man

…said every founder who didn't know how to spend their investor's money.

I love the entertainment startup founders bring to my life. Sometimes you have to take a step back and laugh at it all.

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