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TRT World Documentaries

Where Documentaries Inspire Change

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to commission world class documentaries that entertain and engage our viewers, encourage debate and serve as a catalyst for change. 

Our documentaries are a pivotal part of the channel’s role in helping our viewers make sense of an increasingly complex world. We aim to evoke a response: a reaction, a transformation of perspective, a greater understanding of the most pressing issues and stories of our time.

What do we value in a pitch?

Authenticity. Does your idea reflect the world in a way that feels genuine and authentic? We’re looking for programs with lots of actuality, characters we care about, and emotional engagement. 

Relevance. We’re after programs that make a statement about the world today. Tell us why we need to tell this story now and how it speaks to the issues, questions and events of our time.

Freshness and Innovation. Is there something in the proposal that is genuinely new? We love bold, innovative approaches to storytelling and visual style. Challenge us with counter-narratives and a unique point-of-view.

Compelling storytelling. We want to be gripped from the first frame to the last.  Stories have to take us on a journey, surprise us with plot twists, give us access to unique characters and new worlds

Connection. We’re fundamentally a news channel - but human connection is what we’re all about. Don’t shy away from emotion, warmth and humour!

What kind of shows are we looking for?


From migration and poverty to women’s rights, climate change to modern day slavery, we’re looking for programs that address a fundamental challenge facing the world today. We don’t just want to see problems - we want to meet passionate, inspirational characters seeking - and creating - solutions. We’ll not only commission great projects we’ll help build an outreach / impact campaign to effect real change in the world. One-offs and series accepted.


We’re looking for provocative investigative specials that generate headlines and challenge the establishment status quo. Stories must uncover hidden worlds of corruption, illegal trade, or abuses of power.  Rigorous journalism, exceptional access to key players and a significant reveal are key. One-offs and series accepted.


Can you take us inside the world’s largest slum, a hospital ER or the toughest prison on the planet? We’re looking for intimate observational documentary series powered by engaging characters and dramatic stories unfolding in a single location or institution.  Series only: hours and half-hours.


We’re looking for presenter-led travel series - but not travelogue. We’re looking for traveller with a unique way of seeing the world who can use exploration, adventure, and even food to open a doorway to culture politics and people.


We’re looking for cinematic blue chip documentaries that showcase Turkey to the world. Reveal how a megacity like Istanbul ticks, capture the country's incredible people and culture in a new way, find an utterly charming perspective - like Kedi did. Pretty pictures aren’t enough - we need characters and stories which reveal the spirit of the nation.


Do you have a passion project with a unique voice and vision? We’re looking for feature-length documentaries to curate as part of our “Indie” strand. Knock us out with the story only you can tell. We’ll support new ideas and projects already in production - and we’ll help you showcase your work at festivals. Feature length only.

To submit your proposal please contact Commissioning Editor Choy Lin Mok at: