An elderly Bangladeshi imam was murdered for practicing a form of Islamic healing which DAESH considers "black magic"

Jalal Uddin was attacked in a children's playground by two DAESH supporters in February.
Jalal Uddin was attacked in a children's playground by two DAESH supporters in February. ( Image Source )

A DAESH-inspired Briton was sentenced to life for his role in the murder of a 72-year-old Islamic spiritual leader who he believed was performing "black magic."

The court heard that Mohammed Syeedy, 21, drove Mohammed Adbdul Kadir to Rochdale in Manchester. The pair followed their victim as he walked home from evening prayers at his mosque in February.

Jalal Uddin was bludgeoned in the face with a hammer at a children's park in Rochdale, in Manchester.

The Manchester Crown Court heard that Uddin was dealt at least five blows and the severity of the attack crushed his skull.

Prosecutors said the men had planned the murder for months and had stalked Uddin. He was targeted because he practiced something called Ruqya, a form of healing in which he used amulets filled with water, or paper containing Quranic verses, called taweez.

DAESH, which Syeedy and Kadir were said in court to support, regards all "magic" as forbidden and believes whose who practice it should be punished, often by death.

"The prosecution proved that Syeedy believed Jalal Uddin to be practicing black magic and inspired by the teachings of DAESH, that the victim needed to die for that belief," the head of the Crown Prosecution Service's Counter Terrorism Division, Sue Hemming said.

Kadir is now believed to be in Syria and police said while Syeedy did not deliver the fatal blows, he had played an integral part in the murder.

High Court judge Sir David Maddison said Uddin was a "gentle well-respected man" who was brutally killed because he practiced taweez.

Source: TRTWorld and agencies