Two Syrian activists turned refugee who now live abroad say the revolution is dying. They had hopes of a better future at home, and now feel let down by the international community.

Mohammad (L) and Omar in their flat in Berlin.
Mohammad (L) and Omar in their flat in Berlin.

Activists and artists who spoke out against the regime in Syria fear arrest if they return home. Their crime was to protest against life under Bashar al-Assad.

Mohammad Abu Hajar is from the coastal town of Tartus, and Omar Sheikh Daya is from Aleppo.

The confrontation between pro-democracy demonstrators and the regime escalated from street protests in 2011 to a civil war that six years later has devastated the country.

Mohammad and Omar fled to Germany where they met and now live in Berlin as refugees.

"There will be no way back to Tartus and the only way will be I will not accept, it means that I have to beg the regime to give me amnesty and that's something I would call myself betrayer if I do it," says Hajar.

"The International community gave the green light to Assad, and yeah we're here in Berlin." says Daya.

TRT World's Zeina Awad met them and this is their story.

Source: TRT World