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About the Fellowship Program
TRT World Fellowship is an exciting initiative in Istanbul for young talent from around the world to get a unique hands-on experience in the field of change-inspiring journalism.
• Invaluable hands-on experience in News, Programmes, Digital and Vision departments
• Work with experienced traditional broadcast and digital journalists
• Get Digital know how and take part in debate forums and round table discussion groups
• Learn how it all works from the field to the newsroom
• Targeting Proficient English speakers (Level C1 & C2) who are recent graduates and those in their third or fourth year of tertiary studies
Schedule & Programs
Journalism Training During the fellowship programme, you will work full time in TRT World while taking your experience to the next level through a demanding schedule of training which provides a 360-degree view of the modern media industry with professionals from a variety of backgrounds including journalists, editors, PR professionals, producers,reporters and videographers. Master Classes You will be engaged in weekly seminars, workshops and master classes emphasizing on journalism skills, cinematography, editing skills, documentary making, humanitarian programmes, Turkish culture and politics. Site Visits The participants of the fellowship programme will also be provided site visits of institutions and news agencies. By joining trips to key Turkish cultural, political, media organisations and think-tanks, you'll be able to understand cultural and historical background of Turkey.
Meet the Fellows
2017 Fellowship Programme Alumni
Ayisha Hameed Digital International Development and Multimedia Journalism at the University of Northampton
Katherine Stokes Digital, News, Programmes Broadcast Journalism at Cardiff University
Humza Azam Gondal Vision History at Istanbul Sehir University
Jemima Walker Digital, News Broadcast Journalism at Cardiff University
Maryam Mahboob Programmes, Newsmaker International Politics and Economics at Middlebury College
Nusrat Ahmed Digital, Vision Multimedia Journalism at Princeton University
Rebecca Corbett Digital, News, Programmes Comparative Literature & Theatre Studies at the University of Glasgow
Mawal Sidi Digital, News Broadcast Journalism and International Relations at American University
Sara Gally Digital, News Applied Foreign Languages at Sorbonne University
Faisal Ali Digital, Vision International Relations and Politics at Cardiff University
Pedro Henrique Pires Tavares Digital Journalism at the Faculdade Cásper Libera
2017 Program Highlights
In summer of 2017, 11 talented fellows had an opportunity to look at media through the lenses of TRT World, and to improve their journalism skills and understanding of the Turkish culture. Through the hands-on experience in the newsrooms and the studios, fellows gained first-hand participation of behind the scenes making of TV programs and reports.

These three alumni of 2017 program are now members of TRT World family.

Jemima Walker – News
Katherine Stokes – London Office
Faisal Ali - Digital
"Fellows will perform meaningful, serious work that furthers their professional development. In return, TRT World will benefit not only from the contributions made by the Fellows to the day-to-day work of journalism, but also from the fresh perspectives from across the globe that the Fellows will bring to the table.”

Ibrahim Eren, Director General and Chairman of TRT
2018 Applications
TRT World Fellowship 2018 application is now closed. Applicants who are selected will be notified by TRT World.