Maintaining a healthy, efficient and effective workflow without disruption at TRT WORLD by taking action and providing direction to meet administrative needs of departments and units at the right time, in the requested way.


  • Organizing the travel, accommodation, car rental and so on of deployed staff.
  • Arranging the transportation and temporary accommodation of expat staff that are to commence employment
  • The travel and accommodation organization of corporate visitors.
  • Making necessary arrangement for celebration of special in-house events,Keeping up-to-date and following-up on the delivery of telephone, data, TV services and subscriptions for timely and efficient running operation in the corporation.
  • To ensure control of the storage site of administrative affairs; consumable materials, laptop, telephone, mobile phone, mobile lines and the distribution of such products and/or tracking the delivery record of equipment-to-staff.
  • Making the necessary organization to meet the service needs of the staff.
  • The organization of a vehicle and driver, ensuring the management and administration of the maintenance and repair of vehicles, in the most efficient way.
  • Carrying out within, out-of-corporation, domestic and foreign cargo and mail services.
  • Managing the local and foreign publication subscription arrangements, supply, tracking and controlling of daily papers with and without subscription, monthly and weekly magazine delivery.


  • Working in similar position for 4-6 years.
  • Very good written and spoken Turkish and English.
  • Associate Degree in Bureau Management & Bachelors Degree in Administration and/or Social Sciences.
  • Minimum associate degree graduate.
  • MS Office Program Knowledge necessary.