The Academy Manager contributes significantly to the TRT World's academy profile by providing leadership and management. Reporting to the Director of Research, the person is responsible for the development and achievement of the center's performance indicators and targets, and the efficient, effective and equitable operation of the center.


  • Responsible for creating and organizing news related trainings for the staff.
  • Institutionalize with universities and media organizations to form partnership.
  • Constantly monitoring the current projects and develop new projects according to needs.
  • Measuring the performance of new employees and organizing career development training.
  • Responsible for managing projects such as Mentorship, Talent and Journalism School.
  • Responsible to manage between 15-20 people
  • Generating new ideas and projects.

    • Minimum 10 years of experience in academy management and journalism.
    • Very good journalism / academic background required.
    • Good command of English. Turkish is a plus.
    • Intellectual, analytical and strategic thinking skills.
    • Good knowledge of international issues and enough international experience.
    • Proven ability to create a strategic vision.
    • Has previous experience with hosting and organizing trainings.
    • Strong journalism experience and is familiar with current news.
    • Has knowledge in migration, security, international relations, and media.