Adama Juldeh Munu represented TRT World at the FIPP World Media Congress and is the co-winner of the Rising Stars in Media Award. We talked to her to find out more.

The month-long FIPP World Media Congress recently ended on September 30, 2020, bringing together “the world’s most important media leaders.” A major media event with a self-described “unique global footprint,” FIPP World Media Congress featured delegates from more than 40 countries, “representing some of the world’s most iconic media and tech businesses and brands.”

Adama Juldeh Munu was born and raised in London, UK, a first generation migrant from a family who originates from Sierra Leone. “I have been working as a journalist for the last eight years,” she says, “and the past two at TRT World.”

At TRT World, she works in the news department, working for the television programme Newsfeed as a digital journalist. She was co-awarded by FIPP [the International Federation of Periodical Publishers] with the Rising Stars in Media Award.

The global trade association was founded in 1925 in France and is “one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious” ones.

Munu says she was “stunned” and “humbled” to jointly win a FIPP Rising Stars in Media Award.
Munu says she was “stunned” and “humbled” to jointly win a FIPP Rising Stars in Media Award. (Courtesy of Adama Munu)

Munu says “to be honest, I am stunned, but humbled as well,” about being one of the joint winners of the Rising Stars Award. “At the basic level, you should give credit to yourself if you have done a good job, of course, but when you get recognition at this level…” she trails off, thrilled to be the recipient of such a prestigious and international accolade.

Asked how she would advise young hopeful journalists of today, Munu says, “I would recommend to be persistent and to read a lot and find stories you are passionate about.”

“In today’s digital era, there are many ways you can tell a story you are passionate about,” she adds.

On a final note, Munu shares her gratitude. “I’d like to pay tribute to my team who have been a great support in my journalistic career.”

We, here at TRT World, wish Adama Juldeh Munu many more successes in the future.

Source: TRT World