DAESH terrorists captured the main gas field and its facility, where Syrian regime troops were stationed, in eastern Syria, killing 30 soldiers.

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DAESH terrorists seized control of the Shaer gas field in eastern Syria in what is being dubbed as the first gain for the terrorist group in Palmyra desert since they lost the ancient city in March, said rebel sources and a monitor on Thursday.

According to Amaq, a news agency linked to the terrorists, the group not only took control of the gas field but also killed 30 soldiers stationed at the facility of the area. They also claimed to have seized caches of heavy arms including tanks and missiles.

The development was confirmed by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights which said the terrorists captured the gas field in the northwest of Palmyra, as a result of an assault that continued for three days. Despite the aerial strikes to thwart the terrorists, they were able to capture the facility and the area, said the monitor.

In the past, the terrorists had seized the gas field and other gas facilities several times in the Homs province but they had lost them in the latter part of 2014. However, the terrorists continued to attack the regime forces present in the area.

Source: TRT World