Dozens of civilians killed in Syria as attacks, violent clashes continue in residential areas of Syria's Aleppo and other provinces.

Civil defence members rest amid rubble of damaged buildings after a regime airstrike on the opposition held Tariq al-Bab neighbourhood of Aleppo, Syria.
Civil defence members rest amid rubble of damaged buildings after a regime airstrike on the opposition held Tariq al-Bab neighbourhood of Aleppo, Syria.

The situation in Syria remains tense as air raids and fighting continues to kill more people in civilian areas of Syria.

A temporary ceasefire named by the regime as ‘regime of silence' in Syria, was approved by Russia and the United States until May 3 for 48 hours. However, continuous air strikes in Aleppo and other provinces of Syria have continued to kill hundreds.

A main road to Aleppo, which is the only route out of the opposition-held east, was also hit by regime air strikes carried out during the temporary ceasefire. The opposition warned that if the route is blocked nearly 200,000 residents would be trapped in the area, without having access to basic necessities.

Hundreds of relief workers in battle zones in and around Aleppo are unable to move.

Although attacks became fewer for a brief period after a ceasefire deal took place in February, the attacks once again intensified last week.

One of the few remaining hospitals in Aleppo, which was supported by the international aid group Doctors Without Borders (MSF), was hit by regime forces during the intensified regime attacks, further undermining the deal. The air strike killed at least 50 people in the hospital along with the last pediatrician in the city.

The latest wave of violence around Syria brought the number of those killed to almost 300.

UN Syria Humanitarian Advisor Jan Egeland said on Wednesday that fighting in and around Aleppo has possibly caused the besieging of new areas.

French government spokesman Stephane Le Foll announced on Wednesday that it will hold a meeting aimed at finding a solution in Syria. He said the meeting will take place in Paris on May 9 with government officials from Qatar and Saudi Arabia.


Dozens of people were killed in a day-long battle between opposition and regime forces in western Aleppo that was still going on intermittently on Wednesday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

SOHR reported that clashes in and around Aleppo caused casualties from both parties and dozens of people, including children who were killed in the regime attacks. At least 80 people were injured and the death toll is expected to rise as some of the injured are in serious condition.

On Wednesday, a medical aid NGO working in Syria warned of the 'systematic targeting' of health workers in the Aleppo bombings, comparing the situation to the Srebrenica massacre, Europe's worst mass killing since World War Two.


At least 21 regime air strikes targeted a Syrian opposition-held area east of Damascus on Wednesday after an agreement aimed at halting the fighting there expired at midnight, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

A video uploaded onto a social media website purports to show a military plane which activists said belong to the regime forces performing air strikes. Large clouds of smoke can be seen rising in the video in the aftermath of the air strikes.

The Civil Defence rescue service in opposition-held areas of rural Damascus said the area had been targeted by raids and simultaneous mortar fire. There were no injuries, it said in a statement.


Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Wednesday that regime forces shelled the opposition-held southern countryside of Idlib. There was no information about casualties.

Clashes took place on the ground between Nusra Front and regime gunmen after a raid that was said to be by Nusra Front on two villages of Idlib, SOHR said, adding that regime forces retreated from both villages.

An unexploded shell also exploded on the outskirts of Jiftlik village in the countryside Idlib. The explosion killed a man and injured two others.


A regime missile thought to be ground-to-ground has been launched in Daraa city of Syria while clashes continue on the outskirts of Manshiya neighborhood between regime forces and opposition factions said to be the Nusra Front, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Wednesday.

The organisation stated that there was no immediate information about the casualties.

Author: Bilge Nesibe Kotan

Source: TRTWorld and agencies