Most of the 300,000 strong Shabak community escaped the Daesh onslaught.

Shabak village elder, Nouri Ahmed Ayoub.
Shabak village elder, Nouri Ahmed Ayoub.

The Shabak, a minority Iraqi Shia group, is returning to its village, Omar Qapchi, after Daesh ransacked their homes and kidnapped 300 young men. Like other minority groups in Iraq, including Christians Turkmen, and Yazidis, the Shabak are struggling to find shelter. Daesh considers many of these groups to be heretics.

One village elder, Nouri Ahmed Ayoub, says that Daesh cannot change the peaceful coexistence between the groups, which had been strong since "our grandfathers' time."

"We don't have any problems with Yazidis and Christians. In this way, ISIS cannot affect our mind," he said.

TRT World's Nicole Johnston reports from northern Iraq.

Source: TRT World