Two pilots were on board when light plane made emergency landing in Mediterranean Sea off Tel Aviv, Israel

Light aircraft ditches in sea off Tel Aviv, Israel.
Light aircraft ditches in sea off Tel Aviv, Israel.

A light aircraft ditched in sea off the Israeli city of Tel Aviv on Sunday (April 3).

According to a statement by the Israeli police, two pilots were on board and were seen by eyewitnesses leaving the airplane and lightly injured.

An eyewitness, Oded Lerner said that the airplane was coming down really low and the landing gear of the aircraft was closed.

"We saw him coming down really low and he wouldn't be able to get to the runway. The landing gear was closed, not opened ahead of landing, without landing lights or anything. And the propellers were not turning. It landed a hundred meters away from us. I and few other people jumped in, the pilots came out on their own, they said they were alright, we helped them close the airplane, and we returned half swimming," Lerner said.

People gathered on the beach of Tel Aviv to look at the aircraft in the water.

Source: TRT World