Saudi security officer is shot dead in Riyadh in attack claimed by DAESH affiliate Nejd Province

Police in Saudi Arabia patrol the streets of the capital Riyadh.
Police in Saudi Arabia patrol the streets of the capital Riyadh.

A Saudi police officer was shot dead on Tuesday in Riyadh, in an attack later claimed by DAESH, interior ministry said in a statement.

Colonel Kitab Majed al Hammadi was killed by gunfire "from an unknown source" in the al Arja area of al Dawadimi province.

The ministry spokesman said the shooter's identity is unknown and security authorities were investigating the incident.

The terror group said on its website Amaq, that the Nejd Province, the Saudi branch of DAESH carried out the assassination.

It was the second attack by the Nejd Province in the last four days. On Sunday, a foreign resident was killed and two patrol vehicles were damaged in a bomb blast targeting a police vehicle in the Riyadh region. Local media reported the resident as an Indian worker.

DAESH frequently claims attacks on Saudi security forces as well as deadly bombings and shootings that target the kingdom's Shiite minority.

Last year, the Najd Province claimed responsibility for three bombings of Shiite mosques that killed 53 people in eastern Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

Since then, hundreds of suspects have been arrested and several have been tried for having ties with DAESH.

Saudi Arabia is also part of the US-led coalition bombing the terror group in Iraq and Syria.

Source: TRTWorld and agencies