Syrian opposition captures most of DAESH stronghold, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and opposition sources announce

Free Syrian Army
Free Syrian Army

The Syrian opposition on Thursday took over most of a town near the Turkish border that had been a major stronghold of DAESH terrorist organisation, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and a opposition source said.

The monitor said factions fighting under the banner of the Free Syrian Army had captured most of the previously DAESH-held town of al Rai in northern Aleppo Province.

The opposition who had previously struggled to make sustained gains against DAESH in the area have mobilised several thousand opposition members for the attack, opposition sources said. An alliance of opposition groups formed for the offensive.

"The battles are continuing ... we have been able to liberate several villages very quickly from the DAESH gangs and God willing will cleanse northern Aleppo," Abu Yasser, a commander with Failaq al Sham group, said.

The Observatory said that the opposition group had seized at least 16 villages in an area held by DAESH for nearly two years.

Source: TRT World