Mourhaf Sallet is a former White Helmet rescue worker who was seriously injured in a rescue operation. But that has not stopped him from helping Syrian people.

Former White Helmet rescue worker, Mourhaf Sallet.
Former White Helmet rescue worker, Mourhaf Sallet. (TRT World and Agencies)

Syria's civil defence organisation, known as the White Helmets, frequently comes under attack as its volunteers try to rescue victims of strikes by the Syrian regime.

Many of its members have been killed while carrying out their work and others have been seriously injured.

Mourhaf Sallet was one of them but he can no longer pull bodies from rubble. He lost his foot while trying to help Syrian people.

Since he can not work as a rescuer anymore, he captures the atrocities of the war in Syria through his camera.

TRT World's Nick Davies-Jones has his story.

Source: TRT World