Turkey announces to build its own drone fleet aimed to better combatting terrorrism and provide more security intelligence


Turkey announced that it is building a first armed drone fleet to be active by next year aiming to provide more security intelligence to better combat terrorists groups like DAESH and PKK.

A private company tested Turkey's first armed drone back in December. Couple of months later, a publicly owned company built Turkey's largest drone yet, known as "Anka" to better combat terrorist groups like DAESH and PKK.

Turkish government said it would provide much better intelligence and strengthen its hand in the fight against terrorism.

At the factory in the Turkish capital Ankara, engineers have been working hard on the new version of the drone "Anka".

The project Manager of TAI company, Sinan Senol said that "Actually we have achieved that target, all of the vital systems used to develop drones are produced domestically and the design of Anka totally belongs to us."

"We have also developed its brain and we designed its sub-system as well, there are lots of equipments on the drone and all designed by our contractors" he said.

The latest "Anka" drone is designed to fly at the rate of more than 9000 metres staying on the air for more than 24 hours which can carry a pilot of 250 kilograms.

Source: TRT World