Two Palestinians died during protests that continued after a peace deal was reached between Israel and Hamas to stop fighting in the area. Palestinians are enraged after a mother and her 18-month-old daughter were killed in an Israeli air strike.

A Palestinian medic was killed by Israeli army gunfire near the Gaza-Israel buffer zone.
A Palestinian medic was killed by Israeli army gunfire near the Gaza-Israel buffer zone. (AA)

A Palestinian medic was killed by Israeli fire during protests along the Gaza-Israel border on Friday after a deadly flare-up between the two sides. 

At least 40 Palestinians were shot by Israeli fire in the protests, the health ministry in the Hamas-governed Gaza Strip said, with volunteer medic Abdullah al Qatati killed after being hit in the chest east of Rafah in southern Gaza.

The protests came after a deal to end all rocket fire into Israel and air strikes on the Gaza Strip appeared to go into effect around midnight (2100 GMT) on Thursday.

TRT World's Mohammad Mansour reports from the Gaza Strip.

Hundreds of Palestinians on Friday converged along the Gaza-Israel buffer zone to take part in anti-occupation rallies that have remained ongoing since March 30.

In a statement, Gaza’s National Committee for Breaking the Siege urged the people of Gaza to take part in the rally, dubbing the event “the Friday of Freedom.”

According to Hamas spokesman Abdul Latif Al Qanoa, Friday’s protest served to confirm “the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and their determination to continue holding these rallies in the face of repeated Israeli escalations.”

During the rally, at least 30 Palestinians were affected by Israeli tear gas, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry.

According to a ministry statement, at least one Palestinian was seriously injured while taking part in the protests, which remain ongoing.

Protesters demand the “right of return” to their homes and villages in historical Palestine from which they were driven in 1948 to make way for the new state of Israel.

They also demand an end to Israel’s 11-year blockade of the Gaza Strip, which has gutted the coastal enclave’s economy and deprived its two million inhabitants of basic commodities.

Since the demonstrations began some four months ago, 158 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli army forces deployed along the other side of the buffer zone.

Source: AA