The fifth round of Geneva talks concluded with neither the Syrian opposition or the regime saying if the talks have failed or succeeded.

The UN mediator Staffan de Mistura insists progress has been made and both sides have agreed to meet again.
The UN mediator Staffan de Mistura insists progress has been made and both sides have agreed to meet again.

Negotiators from the Syrian regime of Bashar al Assad and the opposition walked out of the eight-day peace talks in Geneva on Friday trading insults and calling each other "terrorists" and "adolescents."

But the United Nations mediator Staffan de Mistura said the two sides have actually made progress.

"Remember I said to you and myself that we should not expect a breakdown, but also not any type of great success," Mistura told reporters after the fifth-round of talks ended.

"So the work that has been done [should be] neither underestimated or dismissed."

Mistura pointed out it was a positive sign that the two sides have discussed contentious points, whereas before they could hardly agree on what subjects to deliberate upon.

Both delegations had experts which meant discussions were held in more detail than before. He also indicated that the two sides were ready for another round of talks, but wouldn't say when that process starts.

Regime and opposition negotiators don't come face-to-face in meetings but negotiate via Mistura, saving their liveliest invective for the TV cameras after each interaction with him.

Opposition negotiator Nasr al Hariri said the "terrorist regime" of Assad had refused to discuss political transition during the talks.

"They are solely discussing their empty rhetoric about countering terrorism."

On the other hand, the regime's chief negotiator, Bashar al Ja'afari, said he only wanted to negotiate with someone "patriotic."

He mocked the opposition delegation as "adolescents" who were under the illusion that the regime would simply hand over the keys to the country.

Mistura has tried to keep hopes alive for a political solution especially ahead of the Brussels conference this month, where world leaders will pledge financial support to help Syrian people.

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