The landscape is very different from his homeland, but a Syrian imam and his family are trying to get used to living in the West African nation.

Abdul Ghania Badenjki during a teaching session.
Abdul Ghania Badenjki during a teaching session.

Imam Abdul Ghani Badenjki is a Syrian refugee who now lives in Ghana.

He first came to the country in 2006 to lead Ramadan prayers.

Badenjki decided to return to the West African nation after the civil war broke out in Syria.

"Most of the Syrian people here are planning to leave Ghana and are just staying here temporarily because Ghana is not really ready to host refugees. Not for all of them, but the ambition of some is to go to countries like Australia and Canada," he said.

Ghana has provided the few Syrian refugees who went there with documents. But Badenjki says he is struggling to earn a living from teaching the Koran.

He says it's tough for refugees in Ghana because of its economic hardships.

Badenjki relies on friends he made when he previously visited the country for many of his needs.

TRT World's Christine Pirovolakis has Badenjki's story.

Source: TRT World