Enjoyable and playful news experience, The News Quiz from TRT World wins “Best persona” and “Best app by students” awards from the Actions on Google Developer Challenge.

  • TRT World Wins “Best persona” and “Best app by students” awards from the Actions on Google Developer Challenge.
  • The Actions on Google Developer Challenge announced the competition’s winners on 9th Dec. 2017, which were chosen from thousands of entries.
  • The competition covers a broad range of award categories, including most fun distractions, best sound effects, crowd favorite, most adaptive app, best life hack, best Dialogflow app among new apps submitted for approval after 17th May 2017. 
  • The TRT World News Quiz was judged and evaluated by members of the Google Assistant team including engineers, product managers and UX specialists who scored each app based on creativity, relevance, quality and usage. 

 “The News Quiz from TRT World” is an enjoyable and playful news experience that is available on Google Home devices worldwide and on smartphones through the Google Assistant app. As a winner in two categories, TRT World is featured on the official Google Developer website for having the most engaging personality and being one of 5 best apps by a student or student team. 
The News Quiz from TRT World was originally developed by Furkan Akyurek, an R&D Engineer within the Digital Products team at TRT World, who was a student at the time of submission.

The game can be accessed on both Google Home and Amazon Echo by saying “Talk to TRT World Quiz”. Although there are news organizations already distributing audio content by simply making existing TV and radio broadcast content available on Google Home and Amazon Alexa, TRT World has taken a different approach to deliver a more ‘human’ experience using recorded voices. 

In order to offer smart speaker users the best experience, in-house volunteers were recruited and trained, including internal pilots that ran for months. “Ironing out the workflow was the biggest challenge,” said Derrick Fountain, TRT World Digital Products Lead, as “the process starts with story selection and writing, moves to voice narration in an onsite studio, and finally ends with editing and publishing to a number of audio platforms”.

Fountain further explains the rich and playful audio experience: “Every question and answer combination is narrated by a real human voice. She’s smart and sassy but fun to interact with. Answer with the correct response and you will be greeted with genuine praise. Get it wrong, and she will let you have it, so it's a good idea to follow the headlines on TRT World before taking the quiz”. 

TRT World spent a lot of time in defining the tone and style of the app to give it a personality that people could relate to. This effort contributed to the news quiz winning the award for “Best persona”, becoming one of the apps that has the most engaging personality in the Google Developer Challenge. 

Murat Akguc, Managing Director of TRT World said “From a digital strategy perspective, our aim is to enter the homes of connected consumers in competitive markets like the US. Voice apps are an interesting opportunity to drive reach, retention and engagement across a new category of emerging devices.” 

“As a media company in its early days of achieving its aspirations of worldwide reach, it was a challenge to prioritize Google Home and Amazon Alexa over chatbots, but we decided to capitalize on the underlying workflows and processes that are being put in place as the foundation for delivering even richer experiences across a wide variety of platforms. TRT World is one of the first international news organizations to build an editorial production workflow for publishing to Google Home and Alexa. We have plans to leverage the same content to develop and enrich new products across TV, Web, Mobile, and Messaging,” said Ibrahim Eren, Director General and Chairman of TRT.

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