In its second year, the TRT World Citizen Short Film Competition hosted its first international screening at the 25th Annual Sarajevo Film Festival.

In its second year, the TRT World Citizen Short Film Competition hosted its first international screening yesterday at the 25th Annual Sarajevo Film Festival. The screening featured the top five finalists in this year’s competition, centered on the theme: “Women of War”. (

The TRT World Citizen Short Film Competition highlights the most pressing humanitarian issues of our time by focusing on human stories. Our theme in 2019, Women of War, addresses the situation in conflict zones around the world where women and girls are often paying the highest price, facing systematic violence, oppression, and persecution. This year, TRT World Citizen received over 2,500 submission from 117 countries around the world.

2019 TRT World Citizen Short Film Competition Finalists:

  • MareNostrum by Maryam Rahimi (Italy)
  • Roof Knocking by Sina Salimi (Mexico)
  • Tangle by Maliheh Gholamzadeh (Iran)
  • The Flight of the Swallow by Yannick Nolin (Canada)
  • The Pains of the Sea by Reza Masoudi (Iran)


The Sarajevo Film Festival is an international film festival with a special focus on the region of South-East Europe (Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Georgia, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey), shining an international spotlight on films, talent and future projects from the region. Recognition from the international film industry, film authors and media representatives, alongside a paying audience of over 100,000, confirm its status as the leading film festival in the region. (

The winners of the 2019 TRT World Citizen Short Film Competition will be announced at the second annual TRT World Citizen Awards on November 28, 2019.

TRT World Citizen is the philanthropic arm of TRT. Our initiatives utilise media to raise awareness of global humanitarian issues and inspire change. Each year, our Signature Campaign addresses a specific issue through events, original content, and public outreach. In 2018, the ‘Am I Not A Child?’ Campaign addressed the plight of refugee children gone missing in Europe. World Citizen also engages directly with vulnerable populations through programs like Journalism for Juniors (J4J), which provides media and life skills training for young refugees. World Citizen also hosts the annual World Citizen Awards, which celebrate the work of individuals who have dedicated themselves to serving humanity.

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