TRT World’s “Syria the Backstage”, a six-episode documentary series that reveals how the US administration dithered as Syria was turned apart.

TRT World’s “Syria the Backstage”, a six-episode documentary series that reveals how the US administration dithered as Syria was turned apart.

  • On Friday morning, March the 6th 2011 in a small Syrian border town, half way to the desert, a group of school boys painted a graffiti in their school walls. It was the beginning of the most complex geopolitical event of our time.
  • The reasons why the US administration took some decisions that led to the rise of ISIS is detailed explained by some of the closest Obama advisors.
  • Why in August 2011 Barack Obama came publicly to ask Assad to step down? According to his closest advisors the President was informed by the secret services that the Syrian president was about to fall and Obama decided to anticipate it, showing the power of the US ultimatums. The president was wrongly advised and it weakened the US diplomacy on Syria.
  • TRT World is set to broadcast a documentary series that is offering a behind-the -scenes look at Obama’s administration involvement in Syrian war, from the secret operations to arm the rebels to the overt display of US forces and support to a group responsible for a terror campaign that killed hundreds in the last decades.
  • In 6 episodes and with the help of a CIA director, US diplomats, intelligence officers and some of the closest Obama advisors Syria, the Backstage brings an intimate portrait of Obama’s struggle to deal with the Syrian war and, finally, the decision of supporting with money, weapons and train the YPG, the Syrian branch of the terrorist group PKK.
  • Many of the events that are taking place today in Syria and neighboring countries have their roots in the decisions made during Obama’s administration, ISIS rise being one of the consequences.
  • TRT World’s investigative team goes behind the scenes to find out what really happened on the ground and have never received attention by the mainstream media. For example, the events that took place in Kobane in 2014-2015, where the YPG appears as involved in a fierce battle against ISIS to save the city and its residents. According to some investigators and reporters involved in the coverage it was exaggerated by the YPG and the US and the doors of Kobane were, in fact , opened BY the YPG to ISIS.
  • American volunteers that joined the YPG ranks bring an inside look into how the terror organization academy, where hundreds are brainwashed and convinced to die as martyrs for the cause. According to these volunteers, ranging from anarchists to pro-Nazis, the YPG is responsible for a campaign of ethnic cleansing in northern Syria, targeting the Arab population.
  • According to one of the American volunteers, engaged in the medical unit of the YPG, the unit was prevented by its commanders to give medical assistance to Arab victims.
  • All the former YPG fighters reveal how the YPG was using child soldiers, promising them the honor of becoming a martyr.
  • One of the closest advisors to Barack Obama confesses the US knew since the beginning the YPG is a branch of a terror group and despite that the decision was made, against the US law, to arm and train the group, knowing the decision was putting in risk the territorial integrity of Turkey.
  • US officials confess before the camera how the name SDF was created just to avoid the embarrassment of canalizing money and weapons to a terror group.
  • Insiders reveal the secret deals between the YPG and Daesh and how it used women fighters in a global PR campaign aimed at getting support and funds.
  • The documentary takes viewers from the sparks of a revolution in 2011 to the rise of ISIS and from America’s alliance with the YPG to the present day and seeks the answer to the question of what really happened behind the scenes of the worst conflict of this century. It also sheds light on the lives of those who suffered due to decision made thousands of miles away.
  • Syrians tell the story of how their lives changed due to US policies and foreign fighters talk about their personal experiences as part of the US Coalition in the YPG. Syria The Backstage reveals true face of YPG/PKK terror groups and their connections with the U.S. and takes a unique cause and effect look into a war that is far from over.


The documentary includes interviews with U.S. officials such as former CIA director David Petraeus, member of the US House of Representatives Brendan F. Boyle, former US Special envoy to Syria Frederic C. Hof, former National Security advisor to Donald Trump Jeffrey D. Gordon, former senior advisor to the President Obama, Counter-ISIL Campaign Robert Malley, professor of Political Science, Northeastern University Max Abrahms former senior analyst for Syria, International Crisis Group Noah Bonsey, former CIA Officer Paul R. Pillar, former US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Roy Gutman, former spokesperson, anti-ISIS Coalition Steve Warren and former spokesperson, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Talal Silo.

It also includes interviews with some U.S. citizens who once joined YPG but left it after witnessing the crimes against humanity it committed.

Former spokesman for the US Secretary of Defense, Steve Warren, and former foreign fighters Kevin Howard and Patrick Ryan Kasprick share their thoughts on the YPG. They explain that who they are and what they represent.

Kevin Howard, former YPG fighter states that "We destroyed all their cities, we destroyed everything they had, their families, their children. I was there, I watched."

"Some days, they are simply YPG, other days they are terrorists" says Steve Warren, former spokesperson, Anti-ISIS Coalition.

"I was a combat medic in the YPG and YPJ. I won't go back to YPG. They also killed innocent people. I never believed in Rajava Revolution" says former YPG fighter Patrick Rinkon.

Syria the Backstage is a must see investigative documentary that reveals the truth behind how northern Syria was ravaged by the war that led to the death of hundreds of thousands of people including women, children and infants and the displacement of millions and the miscalls of the Barrack Obama administration in Syria and how the region became a war zone.

The first episode of Syria the Backstage will premiere on TRT World on Monday, October 28th, at 21:30 GMT/ 00:30 IST/17:30 WASHINGTON DC, with the second episode due to air on November 4th at 21:30 GMT/ 00:30 IST/17:30 WASHINGTON DC.



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