Photographs of “Diyarbakir Mothers” are exhibited at the United Nations in a photo exhibition organised by TRT World Citizen

Photographs of “Diyarbakir Mothers” are exhibited at the United Nations in a photo exhibition organised by TRT World Citizen, the social responsibility arm of Turkey’s public broadcaster TRT.

At an exhibition organised by TRT’s social responsibility initiative, TRT World Citizen, a selection of photographs from TRT World Citizen’s 2019 signature campaign “Women of War” are being exhibited at the United Nations Headquarters from the 11th of February.

The four-day photography exhibition sheds light on the plight of women and children that have been forced to migrate from their homes due to war and civil strife.

The exhibition was opened with a reception at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on Tuesday, February 11th. Among the photographs are receiving the most attention are those of the ‘Diyarbakir Mothers’ who have been staging a sit-in protest outside the provincial office of the Turkey’s People’s Democratic Party (HDP) since September 2019 in the hopes of having their children return from the PKK terror organisation who are believed to have kidnapped them.

The Exhibition contains work of photographers from around the world to raise awareness of the different roles taken on by women in war and conflict. The selected photographs reflect the atrocities they face, as well as the instrumental role they play as peacebuilders and problem solvers.

According to a report published in conjunction with last year’s launch of the “Women of War” campaign, women and children in conflict zones are among the most vulnerable populations who are adversely impacted.

TRT World Citizen, TRT's social responsibility initiative established in 2017, is known for its media projects related to humanitarian crises. World Citizen chose “Women of War” as the theme of its 2019 awareness campaign.

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