The National Movement Party, the MHP, says the presidential system would be a suitable form of government for the Turkish people and will make the parliament stronger.

(TRT World and Agencies)

Turkey's National Movement Party (MHP) is the opposition party that supports the proposal for a change to the presidential system led by the governing Justice and Development Party (AK Party).

The MHP says the stability of the country and a strong government are necessary to fight terrorism, inside and outside the country.

Here are some of MHP's reasons for supporting the proposal:

• The Nationalist Movement Party, MHP, traditionally represents the nationalist segment of the Turkish society.

• The Chairman of the MHP, Devlet Bahceli, has become a staunch supporter of the presidential system.

• Their primary argument is that Turkey needs the constitutional amendments that will result in a strong executive to ensure that the Turkish Republic survives into the future.

• The current system already exhibits a strong semblance to the presidential system. What the constitutional amendment will do is to properly name the de facto situation.

• The presidential system is a suitable system of government for the Turkish people. The MHP argues the presidential system is compatible with the historical roots of Turkish culture as well.

• The constitutional amendment aims to fix systemic issues.

• The presidential system will contribute to the national security of Turkey.

• The parliament will be stronger compared to the current system. The opposition deputies usually cannot pass laws in the parliamentary system. They can be more active in the presidential system.

Source: TRT World