2018: Year In Review
The biggest stories of 2018
2018 Review: Plight of Central American migrants explained
How democracy fared in 2018
More killed in Afghanistan than Yemen and Syria in 2018
Was 2018 the year that Donald Trump became completely unhinged?
Key events that defined the Middle East in 2018
2018: a year to forget for Palestinians?
A quick look into Erdogan-Putin diplomacy in 2018
2018: A roller-coaster year for NATO allies Turkey and the United States
Deliberate killing of journalists doubles in 2018 – CPJ
Over 4,000 people died on migratory routes in 2018 - report
2018 Review: Ethiopia, Eritrea ended their long-standing war
Turkey in 2018 | Review Edition
The world's richest people lost $511 billion in 2018
Drake dominates Apple Music, Spotify as most-streamed artist in 2018
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