Climate Change
To fight climate change
Is there enough time to save humanity?
The climate crisis heats up
How greed and politics is killing an Australian waterway?
Climate Change: Greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise
Trump rejects climate findings
Australia Drought: Australia's stricken animals end up as roadkill
Global Warming: Melting glaciers cause dangerous sea level rise
Arctic's thickest ice breaks for the first time
Record Heat; is global warming advancing?
Global Heatwave - Our new reality?
India facing the worst water crisis in its history
Focal Point: Frozen Frontier - Expedition to Antarctica
Mexico Water Harvest: Urban island stores water and prevents flooding
Focal Point: Losing Paradise
Climate Change: Farm animals helping to combat global warming
My Story: Giovanny Barrantes, Guna Indian
Climate Change: Rising sea levels threaten Panama's islands
Climate Change: Migration delay put monarch butterflies
Climate Change: 40,000 evacuated due to climate change
Uganda Smart Farming: Methods to mitigate climate change effects
Climate Change: Scientists find new ways to stop climate change
Climate Change: Global warming putting homes at risk in US
Climate Change: US local communities affected by climate change
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