Climate Change
Student invents plastic made from fish guts
Amazon Warrior Killed: Activist reportedly killed by illegal loggers
Climate Protest: Youth climate activists vow to continue protest
Pollution Crisis: India tackling plastic waste problem
Climate activists shut down cities. But, are the general public getting annoyed
Our oceans are doing worse than we feared.
Glaciers and Ice caps melt faster and sooner than science thought.
The 16-year-old is trying to save the world. People hate her for it
Why do people HATE Greta? – Newsfeed
Climate Crisis: UN Climate Summit under way in New York
Fewer words, more action on climate change!
Climate Summit at UN. More talking, any action? – Newsfeed
Climate Strike: Millions take to the streets for global protest
Climate Strike: Millions of people joined global climate strike
Climate Strike: Millions of people joined global climate strike
Biggest Climate Protests Ever! Millions take the streets around the world to save the world
Were these climate crisis strikes the biggest day of global action ever? – Newsfeed
Millions of people march in Global Climate Strike
SOLAR IN SPACE: Science Fiction or New Frontier?
I BLAME HIM! Indigenous Amazonian says Bolsonaro doesn't care about her home
Greenland Ice-sheet Melt: 400B tonnes of ice melted away this summer
Arctic Micro Plastics: Scientists find bits of plastic in remote area
Climate Crisis: Teenage environmentalist Thunberg sails for US
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