Climate Change
Why is it so hot and how can we adapt?
Our Planet's Global Warning
Iran overwhelmed by plastic waste
Elevated benches across Denmark aim to raise awareness about rising sea levels
India reports record-breaking temperatures, affects wheat produce
India suffers extreme heatwave, residents struggle to cope
Environmentalists predict lasting damage from Russian attacks
What can be done to overcome climate anxiety?
Just2Degrees: Are Cryptocurrencies Making the Climate Crisis Worse?
Low-income countries bear the brunt of the climate crisis
Scientists concerned about collapse of Antarctica’s 'doomsday' glacier
Just2Degrees: The Cold, Hard Truth About Our Warming Planet
Marine species evolving to live on ocean’s plastic waste
Indonesia's batik makers shifted from chemicals to mangrove-based products
Refugee crisis at Belarus-EU border, Climate change and Ethiopia's Tigray Crisis
COP26 countries agree on deal aimed at reducing global heating
Madrid to wear 'green ring' to fight climate crisis
UK's Boris Johnson appeals for a final push to strike a deal at COP26
Doubts over China's climate role as COP26 nears end
Deadly floods due to climate crisis surges in Jakarta
How will young people impact COP26?
Delegates agree on two new deals to counteract global heating
World leaders travel with private jets to discuss climate change
Scientists say 2021 Mediterranean fires among worst ever
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