Climate Change
THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT. Youngsters tell us why they're worried about climate change
CLIMATE FOR CHANGE. The teen doing his bit for the climate
WHO IS GRETA THUNBERG?! And why does she want us to panic?
To fight climate change
Is there enough time to save humanity?
The climate crisis heats up
How greed and politics is killing an Australian waterway?
Climate Change: Greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise
Trump rejects climate findings
Australia Drought: Australia's stricken animals end up as roadkill
Global Warming: Melting glaciers cause dangerous sea level rise
Arctic's thickest ice breaks for the first time
Record Heat; is global warming advancing?
Global Heatwave - Our new reality?
India facing the worst water crisis in its history
Focal Point: Frozen Frontier - Expedition to Antarctica
Mexico Water Harvest: Urban island stores water and prevents flooding
Focal Point: Losing Paradise
Climate Change: Farm animals helping to combat global warming
My Story: Giovanny Barrantes, Guna Indian
Climate Change: Rising sea levels threaten Panama's islands
Climate Change: Migration delay put monarch butterflies
Climate Change: 40,000 evacuated due to climate change
Uganda Smart Farming: Methods to mitigate climate change effects
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