Climate Change
'CityTree' does the filtering work of 275 regular trees
Climate Refugee: A new term to be identified
India suffers from severe impact of climate disruptions on its weather
Australia's bushfire crisis
Australia in flames - evacuations continue as the bush fires get worse
'Smart seed' looks to help farmers manage climate change
Climate Crisis: Entrepreneurs find plastic solutions
Australia Heatwave: Week-long state of emergency declared in New South Wales
Australia ranks worst for climate action
Climate Crisis: Fulani herdsmen seek greener pastures as droughts intensify
Student invents plastic made from fish guts
Amazon Warrior Killed: Activist reportedly killed by illegal loggers
Climate Protest: Youth climate activists vow to continue protest
Pollution Crisis: India tackling plastic waste problem
Climate activists shut down cities. But, are the general public getting annoyed
Our oceans are doing worse than we feared.
Glaciers and Ice caps melt faster and sooner than science thought.
The 16-year-old is trying to save the world. People hate her for it
Why do people HATE Greta? – Newsfeed
Climate Crisis: UN Climate Summit under way in New York
Fewer words, more action on climate change!
Climate Summit at UN. More talking, any action? – Newsfeed
Climate Strike: Millions take to the streets for global protest
Climate Strike: Millions of people joined global climate strike
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