India General Election 2019:
India's Modi names cabinet after decisive election
India's Modi takes oath to start second term amid faltering economy
Modi’s India
Modi’s victory is a gun pointed at India's minorities
More than 40 percent of India's MPs face criminal charges
India marches towards a saffron republic
Over 40 percent of India's MPs face criminal charges including rape – study
BJP's growing star power
Kashmir’s troubled relationship with the BJP
Modi's BJP wins landslide 303 seats in India election
India Decides: PM Narendra Modi wins second term office
The Indian parliament welcomes members accused of terrorism and rape
Bollywood stars, rich Indians vote in fourth phase of giant election
Boycott and curbs subdue India's election in disputed Kashmir
What you need to know about India's election
Online fake news a concern amid elections
Indian elections: Here's why some Kashmiris are voting
I want to give India a new prime minister – Akhilesh Yadav
Voting ends in third phase of Indian elections
Indian Elections: From a Kashmiri perspective
Meet the Kashmiri Muslims who back the Hindu Nationalist BJP
Kashmir in play in phase two of India's elections
Modi is favourite, but secularism is dear to Indian students
Indian Elections: The rebels who do not vote
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