Refugee Crisis
NGO’s call for action to help refugees at risk of dying in the Mediterranean
DeepFakes & FB’s fail / Criminalising humanitarian work / Hidden Figures St -  Newsfeed
NewsFeed - Rotten in the state of Denmark - and it’s about their asylum policy plans
US Migrant Caravan: Tijuana officials brace more incoming migrants
NewsFeed – Racist attack on Syrian refugee in UK
Refugee Crisis: Refugees in Bosnia demand better conditions
Refugee Crisis: Refugees seek asylum for a safer life in Turkey
Emma’s Torch serves up food made by refugees
Facebook a tool for migrant trafficking?
Tunisian fishermen call the EU to rescue migrants like they did
Migrants' tragedy: Family separation at sea
What is a refugee's worth in the EU?
Is the EU's refugee plan a bribe or charity?
Refugee Crisis: EU members to discuss migration, asylum policy
Refugee Crisis: More refugee rescue ships being left stranded
Refugee Crisis: Spain offers ship bearth as Italy, Malta refuse
Bigger Than Five: Time For Change at the UN?
The War in Syria: New report says refugees need more help
Operation Olive Branch: People living along border fear YPG attacks
Manus Island: Pakistani refugee describes the terrible conditions
German pilots stop deportations of Afghan asylum-seekers
Rohingya Refugee Crisis: Poor sanitary conditions in refugee camps
Zaatari Refugee Camp: World's largest solar plant opens in Jordan
Refugee Crisis: 31 die and more than 300 rescued of Libya coast
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