PKK attacks gendarmerie station in Turkey's Mardin, 2 soldiers and 1 civilian die, 7 others are wounded.

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An explosive-laden car attack by PKK terrorists in Turkey's southeastern province of Mardin has left two soldiers and one civilian dead on Saturday.

A security source speaking on condition of anonymity said the attack took place in the vicinity of Cevizlik gendarmerie station and also wounded 7 people.

The car which was parked near the gendarmerie station was detonated remotely by the terrorists, and caused heavy damage to the building and nearby houses.

The wounded were transferred to the Mardin State Hospital for treatment, and initial reports indicate that three of them are in critical condition.

The terrorists were able to flee the scene in a vehicle after the explosion and operations are ongoing to find and apprehend them.

PKK abandoned the 2-year-long peace talks with the Turkish government in July 2015 and resumed its 30-year armed campaign. It is listed as a terrorist organisation by the US and the EU.

Since the conflict reignited, more than 500 security personnel, including troops, police officers and village guards have died. According to a statement released to the media by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) more than 7,000 PKK terrorists have been killed in operations in Turkey and northern Iraq.

Source: AA