Military fighter jets controlled by coup plotters bombed the parliamentary building at least three times leaving a dozen people injured.

Interior of parliament building was completely damaged from at least three explosions.
Interior of parliament building was completely damaged from at least three explosions.

The building of Turkey's parliament in Ankara was bombed at least three times by military jets controlled by coup plotters during the early hours of Saturday.

There were conflicting reports about the casualties and the number of people injured, but amateur footage showed dozens of people scrambling to safety the moment one of the explosions struck.

Some reports said 12 people including parliamentary and police officials were taken to nearby hospitals.

The exact moment when the explosion hit the parliament can be seen in a video which has gone viral on social media.

A deputy is seen speaking from the podium when the blast shook the assembly hall.

Shortly after, enraged crowds gathered outside the building to show their solidarity with the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

When the first few pictures from parliament were shared on social media, people started to mistake sonic booms being caused by low flying jets as more blasts on the building, which caused panic.

Social media played a major role in informing people about the developments as media outlets were either under siege or reporters were unable to mobilise amid the chaos.

Turkish deputies continued to work in the parliament even as the general assembly hall was filled with smoke.

The attack on the symbol of Turkey's much-cherished democracy was one of the defining events in the failed coup.

Opposition CHP lawmaker, Utku Mahmut Tanal, broadcasted the damage sustained by the parliament building.

Mobile phone video he filmed in the morning show extensive damage as the building's corridors can be seen strewn with rubble, smashed furniture and glass from blown out windows.

The images also showed a gaping hole punched into the side of the building.


Source: TRT World