The FSA has gained full control of Jarablus in Syria's Aleppo Province, following Operation Euphrates Shield launched by the Turkish Armed Forces and an international anti-DAESH coalition.

A file photo shows a Free Syrian Army convoy.
A file photo shows a Free Syrian Army convoy. ( Image Source )

The Free Syrian Army (FSA), which is backed by Turkey, continued its advance against DAESH on Saturday after seizing five villages near the cities of Jarablus and Al Rai in Syria's northern Aleppo Province.

The FSA took control of three villages near Jarablus and another two near Al Rai on the fourth day of Operation Euphrates Shield launched by Turkey backed FSA this week to cleanse DAESH from areas of northern Syria.

Anadolu Agency quoted sources as saying that FSA fighters are now clearing Jarablus of mines and explosives planted by the DAESH terrorist group before its withdrawal from the city. The FSA is now in full control of the city.

On Saturday, one Turkish soldier died and three others were injured when their tanks came under rocket fire from the terrorists in northern Syria.

Anadolu Agency quoted a military official as saying that the rockets were launched at two Turkish tanks operating 7 kilometres (4 miles) south of Jarablus. Turkish forces retaliated with artillery fire and military helicopters airlifted the soldiers to hospitals in Turkey's Gaziantep Province.

Operation Euphrates Shield began early on Wednesday when artillery and air strikes were carried out across the border with Syria, followed by Turkish tanks moving into the country to target DAESH in support of FSA fighters.

Jarablus is located one kilometre (0.6 miles) from the Turkish-Syrian border.

Normalcy returns

An Anadolu Agency reporter in Jarablus has reported that life is returning to normal after DAESH was pushed out of the city, with many workplaces re-opening and children playing on the streets.

One business owner in the district, who asked not to be identified for security concerns, expressed satisfaction about being able to reopen his shop once again.

He said he was happy to regain his freedom as the district he was in had been cleared of DAESH.

Source: AA