Turkish Armed Forces shell DAESH targets in northern Syria after rockets from DAESH-controlled territory hit Turkey's southern Kilis Province

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The Turkish Armed Forces on Tuesday pounded DAESH positions in northern Syria in response to cross-border rocket fire which hit Turkey's southern province of Kilis, according to security sources.

At least eight civilians were wounded after rockets from Syria hit Kilis on Tuesday for the second day in a row, the Kilis Governorate said.

Two people have died of their heavy wounds since Tuesday's attack, according to local media accounts.

Witnesses said they saw two rockets landed in Kilis - one of which landed in an empty field while the other hit the first floor of a hostel.

The wounded passers-by were immediately rushed to hospital.

On Monday at least 12 people were wounded when rocket fire hit the town near the Syrian border, where such incidents are frequent. The Turkish Army often retaliates following the incidents.

Large areas of Syria across the border are controlled by the DAESH terrorist group.

Last week, two Turkish civilians in Kilis were also wounded as a result of rocket fire from DAESH-controlled territory in Syria.

In early March, DAESH launched a missile attack with eight Katyusha rockets, hitting residential areas and killing two people in Kilis.

Source: TRTWorld and agencies