Two DAESH rockets hit Turkish town of Kilis, wounding 16 people

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Two rockets hit the Turkish town of Kilis near the Syrian border on Sunday, wounding 16 people, according to officials.

The rockets hit two houses in a poor neighbourhood near the town centre. There were no dead reported and ambulances rushed to the scene.

The casualties were caused by two rockets, the governor's office said in an online statement, adding that the casualties were 10 Turkish nationals and six Syrians.

A police source said the rockets landed in the Okcular neighborhood.

Turkish soldiers near the border returned fire into Syria following the attacks, security sources said.

Turkey is part of the US-backed coalition fighting DAESH in Syria.

Officials have said Turkey may call on the US-led coalition to take stronger action in its fight against DAESH along the border to prevent further attacks.

Kilis, which is housing an estimated 110,000 Syrian refugees, has been repeatedly hit by rocket fire from an area of Syria controlled by DAESH in recent weeks. On Friday two people were killed in a similar attack. Eight have been killed in the city by rockets since Monday.

Source: TRTWorld and agencies